What’s in Season


IN SEASON Pomegranates, mandarins, custard apples, apples, pears navel oranges, quinces. 

BERRIES Blueberries eating well. Watch out for cheaper soft bad quality fruit.  Raspberries still pretty good value. 

CITRUS Empress, Imperials, Afourers, Pixies and Taylor Reades all in season. Tangelos, navel oranges eating well. Blood oranges have started. 

NUTS Fresh walnuts and chestnuts in season. 

PINEAPPLES  Very Scarce.  


TRY  New variety of apples Yello crisp complex and sweet. 



IN SEASON Baby leeks, baby fennel, celeriac, Dutch carrots, brussel sprouts, broad beans, broccoli, Jerusalem artichokes. 

GOOD VALUE Red Capsicum, wombok, cauliflower, cucumbers, truss tomatoes.

AVOCADOS Good avocados including green skin Sharwills. Good small and large Hass. 

ASPARAGUS Imported only.

BEANS & PEAS Sugar snaps and snow peas a little scarce with cold weather affecting production. 

POTATOES Really nice looking cocktails in season.  

TRY Fioretto: a cross between broccolini and cauliflower (loving these lightly cooked with salt). 

FLOWERS Tulips great value. Beautiful native wax flower and proteas also in season.