Truffle Season


This year, the Fyshwick Markets are proud to be supporters of The Truffle Festival and offer not only a place to purchase fresh truffle and truffle products but also a place to eat truffle-infused dishes.

Visit the following truffle stockists for your ultimate truffle foodie experience:

Deli Planet

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Truffle products: Fresh truffles, handmade truffle pizza, fresh truffle butter, truffle brie, as well as truffle oil, honey, salsa and salt.

Contact details: 02 6295 806,

The Mart Delicatessen

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Truffle products: Truffle oil, butter, cheeses and homemade truffled brie.

Contact details: 02 6295 3604,


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Truffle products: Fresh truffles, truffle butter and truffle infused eggs.

Contact details: 02 6295 7822,


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Truffle products: Made to order deconstructed lasagne with parmesan and bechamel sauce with shaved truffle.

Contact details:


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Truffle products: Truffle infused gin plus wine suggestions to pair with your truffle products. Wine suggestion: Crowe Vino Rosso by local Canberra winery Crow Wines.

Contact details: 02 6260 6336,

Georgia Houston