Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Adults class:

Thursday 13 December from 6-7:30pm. 

Cost of ticket $45 per head.

Enjoy a class of champagne from Plonk and nibbles from Mart Delicatessen, as you make a beautiful dried Christmas wreath that will last throughout the year.  The workshop includes a 40cm dried wreath, expert tutoring by Urban Jungle’s experienced florists and all flowers and foliages. No previous experience is necessary.

Kids class: 

Sunday 16 December 11:00 am -12:00 pm 

Cost of ticket $20 per head 

Includes a 25cm wreath, expert tutoring by Urban Jungle’s experienced florist, all flowers and foliages for the wreath and of course, laughs and giggles. No previous experience or equipment required. 

To book, visit Urban Jungle Canberra

  • WHAT’S IN SEASON | APPLES: New season Gala’s and Ginger Golds. BERRIES: Strawberries scarce due to heat. Raspberries and blueberries good value. Blackberries available. Organic blueberries. CHERRIES: Last weeks. Fantastic flavour this week. CITRUS: Lemons still scarce should ease soon. Peak season for Valencias as peak of Summer means greener skin on Valencias. FIGS: Peak season for figs, great value and eating. GRAPES: Great range of grapes. Try Sapphire grapes. Thompson Seedless great eating. LYCHEES: Aussie lychees still in season, smaller fruit only. MANGOES: Ending soon. KP’s ended. Honey Gold’s and Calypso available. MELONS: Rockmelons very good. POMEGRANATES: Imported pomegranates only. STONE FRUIT: Great range of plums including Queen Garnett plums. Nectarines still good. ASPARAGUS: Last weeks price affected by diminishing supply. AVOCADOES: Hass, Shepherds and Reid’s all in season. BEANS: Particularly scarce with flowers being burned off a few weeks ago as a result of heat. CELERIAC: Beautiful firm and large celeriac. GREEN VEG: All affected by the heat. POTATOES & PUMPKIN: Sweet potatoes great choice for this time of year. White, purple and orange. TOMATOES: All good. Saucing tomatoes available. Great cherry tomatoes. FLOWERS: Foliage is great at this time of year. Ginger Flowers and Monsterio leaves our pick for look and lasting.