About Us

Fyshwick Markets are a Canberra institution and Canberra’s oldest markets. They offer unparalleled quality, range and convenience in one location. Stallholders and their staff have a level of knowledge, experience and concern for customers that provides a charming market feel. In keeping with the market feel we are open only 4 days a week from Thursday to Sunday with ample free parking right near the stalls.

The markets are a fresh food market with the majority of the retail space dedicated to the sale of fresh produce including fruit and vegetables, meats, seafoods, delicatessens and bakery products. Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets has over 25 shops including 4 fruit shops (2 which sell a wide range of flowers), 4 butchers, 3 delicatessens, bakeries and cafes, café, 2 seafood shops, a speciality Asian grocery, organics, a wine and liquor shop which focuses on boutique beer and local wines as well as a number of other speciality shops including a pet shop much loved by the markets young visitors.

At the markets you can have a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch and shop for products of a quality and range not found anywhere else in Canberra in the one location.

Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets were Canberra’s first farmers markets beginning when farmers, many of them Italian and Greek immigrants, would gather in the block where the markets are now located to “circle the wagons” each Friday to sell their produce off the back of trucks. By an 1967 Act of Federal Government the markets were permanently established with building beginning in 1967.

A major redevelopment of the markets commenced in 2008 and was completed in 2013. The redevelopment offers customers an ease of shopping experience compared with the old markets and provides facilities for stallholders to ensure that all their produce reaches shoppers in optimum condition. In 2018 a new section of the Markets was opened with the Niche Markets established with the Markets developing from a food focused market to also offering gifts, art, clothes and antiques. 

By shopping at the markets you support the local community. Unlike supermarkets or Canberra’s farmers markets every dollar you spend here stays in Canberra with all the shops are owned and staffed by Canberrans. In addition the stallholders source produce from the local region with the fruit shops having exclusive relationships with local farmers and Plonk specialising in local wines sourced direct from local winemakers.

Since their inception the markets as a whole as well as individual stallholders have made significant contributions to the local community in the form of donations and sponsorship of charities and community organisations and schools. In addition every Sunday when the markets close many of the stalls donate any excess products to local charities limiting wastage and environmental impacts. The markets have always donated retail space for a charitable organisation to run a store.

The redevelopment of the markets has meant even more efficient processes for stallholders in terms of minimising food miles and wastage. By having a number of fruit and vegetable purveyors in one place transport efficiency is maximised with trucks carrying produce for the stallholders travelling with full loads out of the Sydney Markets. This is relevant in relation to the complex issue of food miles which isn’t simple of matter of how many kilometres a food travels but what travels with it. One small truck carrying one load of fruit to sell once a week provides a larger carbon footprint that one truck carrying a full load to a permanent retailer.

Rainwater is collected in a 175,000 litre tank, each stallholder has a tap to access the rainwater for its needs and the rainwater is also used in the toilets and bathrooms.

  • WHAT’S IN SEASON | APPLES: New season Gala’s and Ginger Golds. BERRIES: Strawberries scarce due to heat. Raspberries and blueberries good value. Blackberries available. Organic blueberries. CHERRIES: Last weeks. Fantastic flavour this week. CITRUS: Lemons still scarce should ease soon. Peak season for Valencias as peak of Summer means greener skin on Valencias. FIGS: Peak season for figs, great value and eating. GRAPES: Great range of grapes. Try Sapphire grapes. Thompson Seedless great eating. LYCHEES: Aussie lychees still in season, smaller fruit only. MANGOES: Ending soon. KP’s ended. Honey Gold’s and Calypso available. MELONS: Rockmelons very good. POMEGRANATES: Imported pomegranates only. STONE FRUIT: Great range of plums including Queen Garnett plums. Nectarines still good. ASPARAGUS: Last weeks price affected by diminishing supply. AVOCADOES: Hass, Shepherds and Reid’s all in season. BEANS: Particularly scarce with flowers being burned off a few weeks ago as a result of heat. CELERIAC: Beautiful firm and large celeriac. GREEN VEG: All affected by the heat. POTATOES & PUMPKIN: Sweet potatoes great choice for this time of year. White, purple and orange. TOMATOES: All good. Saucing tomatoes available. Great cherry tomatoes. FLOWERS: Foliage is great at this time of year. Ginger Flowers and Monsterio leaves our pick for look and lasting.